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Exo Greeting party Goodies cr:조제

what the fuck is this, they should have put suho on every single one


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the hard life of luhan

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EXO Japan Fanmeeting Fanaccount (Luhan)


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"I was always in Japan, so this is the first time I’ve ever gone to an EXO event. This fanmeeting was the first time I saw Luhan in person.

How do I put it…I think of all the many idols I’ve ever been a fan of, Luhan is the first one who is this shy and this nervous. Every time he talked it was as if everyone in the stadium was frozen out of nervousness for him. During his introduction, I didn’t dare make a sound because I was scared that if I screamed, it would shock him and make him forget all his lines. His entire being was just giving off the “I’m so nervous, what do I do” feeling. I can really understand why, after he finished talking, Kai patted him on the back.

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prettiest boy that ever lives

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the unlikely fangirl a 1 an aujourd’hui !

On Sehun’s birthday no less!


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exo making fun of each other. lol

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D-17 to Luhan’s Birthday: Reasons why Luhan is the Perfect Bias (for me)
how adorably clumsy he is: whether it’s walking straight into glass doors, bumping his head on things, getting lost because of a terrible sense of direction, or dropping things, luhan’s such a ditz (like me hurhur) lmao, you can’t help but laugh at him and go “aww” at the same time. (❁´▽`❁)

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some examples of what luhan’s face can do

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Oh Sehun’s birthday countdown - D4: throughout the years

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T H E G O L D E N T R I O 

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